“I am well aware that Olympic went above and beyond the call of duty in responding to the City’s security needs during this most difficult time. Flying in additional security personnel from other cities and arranging their daily transport to and from the downtown area were extraordinary efforts that did not go unnoticed. 

City employees and citizens visiting our building felt safer due to your officers’ and managers’ presence and professionalism”.

Paul Schell
City of Seattle


Airport ScreeningSecuring your peace of mind is the most important thing we do.

Since 1986, Olympic Security Services, Inc. has provided consistently excellent service to a variety of clients throughout the United States. Our total security package is unsurpassed in the industry.

  • Security personnel accurately matched to each client's needs
  • Highly trained staff responds rapidly in emergencies
  • On-going communication between client and security team
  • Management team always available, providing leadership and support

Concierge ServicesOur personnel are our greatest assets. They are entirely responsible for our strength as a dynamic, diverse and goal-oriented workforce. Our hiring process, as well as our extensive training and certification programs, produce these dedicated professionals.

Through client referral alone, Olympic Security Services, Inc. has doubled in size every two years since our inception and we continue to grow, taking cutting edge technology, leadership and the best trained staff into the future.


It's more than just a shiny badge and a uniform - it's a total package combining years of experience, extensive training and professional, responsive management.


Olympic Security Services, Inc.

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