Due to a tragic incident at the courthouse in early 1995, we were required to implement a security program in one day. Your organization responded to our needs and was extremely helpful in setting up an entrance screening program covering three entrances to the courthouse.

From the very beginning of our association, Olympic Security has continued to be responsive to our needs. This includes providing personnel when shortages occurred and promptly removing employees who did not fit the needs of the program.

Frank H. Adamson, Chief
Criminal Investigation Division
King County Sheriffs Department


It has been my experience that Olympic Security officers take pride in their work and strive to screen the public into the court facilities in an efficient manner while protecting the judges and court clerks who work in these premises from those who might desire to do them harm. I personally appreciate the work that Olympic does to keep us safe and secure.

Richard E. Moellmer
Trial Court Administrator
Washington County


We allocate our resources according to client needs and are able to adjust quickly to any special requests. Our technology and experienced staff diminish distance and facilitate performance that meets and exceeds client expectations. 

The following are examples of our proven performance in extreme situations or difficult locations:

King County Courthouse Shootings
After a tragic killing at the King County Courthouse in Seattle, we were asked to start security screening where none had ever existed. Within 48 hours we supplied all necessary equipment, including three new x-ray machines from Los Angeles, and a fully trained staff of 22 screeners.

Reno International Airport (Southwest Airlines)
After several Federal security violations and fines, the FAA threatened to close Southwest Airline’s screening operations at Reno International Airport. Five hours after Southwest Airlines original phone call, 27 Olympic Security employees were manning their checkpoint.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
In another example, we were able to respond within three hours to a Friday afternoon request for on-going guard service at a location 100 miles from a major city. Our staff was on time and fully equipped. This type of special project may last from six hours to six months.

World Trade Organization Riots
While hosting the World Trade Organization, the City of Seattle faced extraordinary national exposure. Once rioting broke out, the city realized there was an immediate need for additional security officers to protect both the attendees and the facilities. Within hours, Olympic Security had the right number of specially trained staff on the job, resulting in zero damage to our sites and letters of commendation from both the mayor and the governor.

Southern California Forest Fires
During the devastating fires of 2003 in Southern California, we again demonstrated our ability to quickly adjust (on a daily basis) to any special needs Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad requested. We rigorously deployed and supervised security officers (both stationary and patrol) according the client’s requirements.

Services Available

Unarmed Security Officers
Plain Clothes Officers
Shoplift Prevention
Special Events Security 
Lobby Concierge
Surveillance Teams
Security Consulting
CCTV Monitoring
Detex Rounds
Patrol Car Security 
Foot Patrol Security 
Indoor/Exterior Patrol
Metal Detection/Screening 
Crowd Control/Strikes 
Access Control
Maritime Security 
Fire Watch 
Intrusion Detection
Night Watch Guard 
Perimeter Surveillance Static Guard
Alarm Response 
Medical Valet Services 


Business Markets Served:

Healthcare Facilities 
City, State, Federal Venues 
Apartment Complexes 
National Airports 
Cruise Ships 
Public Utility Districts 
High Rise Buildings 
Shopping Malls
Parking Garages 
Educational Facilities 
Bus Lines
Dams & Powerhouses 
City & County Parks 
High-Tech Campuses
Residential Patrol 
Property Management 
Financial Institutions 
Distribution Centers 


Additional Services

Homeland Security – Coast Guard
Security Officers, Marine (MARSEC)
Homeland Security – TSA
Charter Flight Screening
DOL Licensing Requirements
Background Checks
Finger Printing

Olympic Security Services will continue to implement, and maintain a high quality security program that will always provide the best and most efficient services for our clients. 

Please call us if you have any questions or would like to arrange for services.

Olympic Security Services, Inc.

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